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QuorumLabs Inc (Quorum), fully support our partners efforts to sell our products to customers within their approved territories. As part of this Quorum has established a deal registration program to support partners who find and bring deals to Quorum.

To register a deal – the partner can contact their Account Executive or register the deal on our website. To register a deal requires providing the following information.

Once you have submitted this information the deal is considered to be registered.

Pricing and protection – Once a deal is registered the registering partner will be eligible for the registered deal pricing as defined on Appendix A of the partner agreement. This discount will typically be 15 to 20% higher than the non-registered discount. Additionally, Account Executives will not quote on the deal unless coordinated and agreed to by the registered partner.

Duration – The protection of a registered deal will last for 90 days from the date the deal is registered. This can be extended if there is adequate progress being made towards closing the deal.