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2020 Disaster Recovery Survey Report

As an IT disaster recovery vendor that focuses on speed and ease of recovery, Quorum is keen to understand how businesses prepare themselves for IT downtime. This report helps us gauge their IT preparedness, and we’re sharing our findings and insights with you in this report. 

Unlike other survey reports, this report is further broken down by industry and by business size. The additional analysis is to help us gain further insights into the similarities and differences among different types of business.

About Quorum:

Quorum’s all-in-one, easy-to-use, 1-click backup and instant recovery solution provides mission-critical data protection for all your servers, data and applications. Quorum’s onQ technology is built to instantly recover all of your systems in just minutes. You can deploy onQ with Quorum’s purpose-built appliances or on your own hardware. Your onQ protection will protect physical, virtual, and any connected data. onQ will replicate your entire data center and provide instant recovery offsite.

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20 Discoveries from Surveying 302 IT Professionals

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